We are happy to announce Andy Sears as one of the four solo singers on the forthcoming Imaginaerium album “The Rise of Medici”!

Andy Sears is perhaps best known as the charismatic lead vocalist of the progressive rock band Twelfth Night, one of the leading bands of the 80’s resurgence of Progressive Rock with whom he co-wrote and recorded some of the band’s pivotal albums like ‘Art and Illusion’ and ‘Twelfth Night’. Andy began his eclectic musical career in 1975 at the age of 15, playing and writing in a range of bands from hard rock, jazz-rock, to progressive rock. His extracurricular experience ranges from musical director for a 50’s/’60’s festival in Athens (featuring among others Davy Jones, Neil Sedaka, The Platters, Lovin’ Spoonful, Dion, Bill Haley’s Comets), to session vocalist/arranger on Progressive Rock projects such as Galadriel’s ‘Calibrated Collision Course’ (Musea) on which he both wrote, arranged and sang all the backing vocals, including some cameo lead lines. He has also acted as vocal and lyric consultant for Universal Records jazz/swing Spanish band No Reply. In 2011 he toured Europe promoting his solo material from the forthcoming album ‘The Dragon Inside’. During his time at university (London School of Economics) he ran his own theatre group in which he both directed and acted in various plays for the campus and public alike, including plays by Joe Orton, Luigi Pirandello, Arthur Miller, and Jean-Paul Sartre’s 2½ hour one-act existential play Huis Clos (No Exit), in which he played Garçon. Andy’s collaboration with Clive Nolan began in 2012, when he was asked to play the baddie in Nolan’s musical ‘Alchemy’, the task which he masterly performed both on stage and CD. Andy remains a frequent guest star at various Nolan musical events.

Cover of the forthcoming “The Rise of Medici” album

We feel it is time to reveal the cover of the forthcoming “The Rise of Medici” album designed by the Korean artist Ouzo Kim. Hope you like it as much as we do!

The Imaginaerium logo and other materials used to present “The Rise of Medici” concept come from a guitarist and a design artist Steve Anderson, to whom we are extremely grateful. Steve will also be working on the booklet for the album to complement the visual side of the project.

Aside from his current day job coding emails and webpages as a front end developer, Steve Anderson still finds time to exercise his varied creative talents, honed through many years of experience in the world of corporate advertising, as a graphic designer; from illustration, logos and artworking, to t-shirts, posters and CD packaging.

Artwork by Steve Anderson

It is our great pleasure to welcome Scott Higham to Imaginaerium!

We can now reveal that, known for his professionalism, perfectionism and impressive work-speed; Scott has already finished recording all of the drum parts for “The Rise of Medici” album!

Scott is an award-winning drummer, backing vocalist and lead vocalist who has recorded dozens of studio albums, live albums, live DVD’s and many session recordings for various artists throughout his career.

From 2008 to 2014 Scott was the drummer for Progressive Rock Legends Pendragon. He is also the original drummer for Clive Nolan’s Musicals ‘She’, ‘Alchemy’ and “King’s Ransom’ and continues to work with them when the musicals tour in various countries.

Scott has performed live around the world to thousands of people, including festivals such as Sweden Rock Festival, High Voltage Festival in London, Wacken Open Air, Bang Yer Head, Loreley Open Air, Raismes Festival, Rosfest, Summers End Festival, Finisterrae Festival, Verona Prog Fest and last, but not least, supporting Dream Theater in Portugal.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Elena Vladyuk to Imaginaerium!

Elena Vladyuk, born in Siberia, is a soprano singer and model. She is a graduate of the Drama School of Chisinau in Moldova and the Opera Department of the International Slavic University in Moscow. Elena is also a singer in the successful vocal vintage trio ‘The Lollipops’, which has been performing at various events, functions in London and all over the UK. Her experience includes musical theatre, TV commercials, series and fashion magazines.

In 2015, Elena met Clive Nolan and she was cast as one of the main soloists (the role of Ustane) in the theatrical production of Clive’s first musical, “She”, performed in the Netherlands in 2016. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances, Elena never took part in the show. However, the plans of Clive and Elena working together never vanished from the horizon, and Elena was the first choice when the thought of creating another solo female part for “The Rise of Medici” emerged.

Clive Nolan Joins Imaginaerium!

Photo by © Malc Bernhard.

We are happy to announce that the progressive rock guru, Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland, Caamora) will be responsible for developing the concept for “The Rise of Medici” as well as writing the lyrics for the project. In collaboration with Eric, Clive will also compose the music and orchestrate the forthcoming album. Most recently, Clive was also asked to perform one of the four solo parts. It is for the first time in his career that Clive will impersonate a baddie. We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Nolan to the team!

More exciting announcements will follow soon.

The Name of the Project and the Lead Vocalist Revealed!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the name of Eric Bouillette’s new project. After a great deal of thought and discussion, the key members have agreed to release their first album under the name ‘Imaginærium’.

We are equally pleased to reveal that the Italian power rock singer Laura Piazzai will take a leading vocal role on “The Rise of Medici” album.

Alongside her career in the field of soul and R&B, Laura was always drawn to stronger and heavier sounds of rock. In 2016 she met Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Shadowland, Caamora) and this led to their collaboration on Laura’s solo album “From the Outside In” (2019), written and recorded by Clive, followed by a series of live shows in Italy as well as Laura’s guest performances in Clive’s festivals in the UK. It was during one of the events in Cheltenham that Laura and Eric met. They soon began talking about the possibilities of working together in the near future.

A New Project and a Record Deal!

Eric Bouillette, a French composer, guitarist, violinist and a member of numerous rock and progressive rock bands, including Nine Skies, The Room, Solace Supplice, Wilder’s Folly and others, has set up a new international project involving some well-known musicians from the UK and Italy. With the thought of the forthcoming album “The Rise of Medici”, Eric has signed a deal with a French record label, Anesthetize Productions. More details about the project, the musicians and the album will be revealed soon!